Thursday, October 29, 2015

black musing 2

The brilliance of black children 
Can not be seen by those accustomed
To solving algorithms and problems 
Who crunch data 
and believe that information is wisdom

the brilliance of black children 
has no room here 
so we plow through lessons because 
Saving us must not be disrupted 
Or off script 
Or out side the line

Education designed not to 
make us curious about the world 
Or love learning
or love ourselves
Teaching us is always about compliance and obedience 
making us believe who we are is never enough to 
stand alone 

The brilliance of black children is that 
we know what you think 
What you believe about
our innate capacity our humanness 
Our character
and we still find joy

The brilliance of black children is 
that we can not be reduced 
to test and text books
to put your cell phone away 
or take out your pencil 
raise your hand to go to the bathroom 
sit up 
walk straight 
stare ahead 
metal detectors 
have no magic about you 

Like black boys with no headphones listening to fetty wap on the train 
And trashing talking
Like the after school let out 

We know we are our own best kept secret
And the only place we are fully free is with each other 
With our own bodies 

So we sit quiet 
Even though now a days that too 
Has a cost 

If ever I am ripped from my chair 
Tossed like a rag doll 
Told by hands of a white man
a stranger 
forcibly taking my body 
to satisfy his own rage at my defiance 

Let the rage of my sisters be penance you pay 
Let the love and protection of my dignity 
be a force for you to reckon with

Because only a woman was brave enough to save and stand for another 
We are the ones we been waiting for 
And to the rest of the room 
To everyone else 
we are collateral damage on the way to
our peoples full destruction 

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